Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Modem Phone Haier D1200P

This is me. I like surfing on internet. Yes I am using handphone + modem Haier D1200P. This Handphone is the bundle for Rp 333.000,00. Oh ya..Features of this handphone:
  • Can internet with wap 2.0 
  • Could be a modem       
  • Free unlimited data for 3  months
    While using the modem, the speed is very slow, especially when the weather is bad. Understandably signal in county only 1 bar. It was in the large field.

    In addition, this phone is far from perfect for a standard modem phone. This phone can only play a midi file. Otherwise bundlenya game in just one and very difficult to play.

    But overall I love this phone, because this is my first hp

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