Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Download from Ziddu

I would like to talk a bit about file hosting ziddu
I was disappointed, because Ziddu use pendownload troubling evidence:
1. We open the link in there ziddu countdown
2. After the countdown when click the download pop-up
3. After that need to type in the code
4. When clicking on the column to type out the pop-up
5. When the first letter mengketik
6. When mengketik second letter, the focus changes, so must the click again
7. Sometimes we type the code wrong

I can not complain to Ziddu, because the way it was profitable for Ziddu (paid by advertisers)
Indeed ziddu gives USD 100.00 perdownload the installer download. But this disadvantage downloader who want to download the file.
I recommend to use the pay per download other web alone.
I hope I steam it represents all the downloader

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